Structural evaluation of parking garage and structural

    design for a new concrete frame structure for the proposed

    two megawatt solar panel array system.


  • Zoo Tampa Water Ride – Tampa, Florida

    Zoo Tampa Water Ride – Tampa, Florida

    Structural design and consulting for Gator Falls water ride at Zoo


  • Pier House 60 Marine Hotel

    Pier House 60 Marine Hotel

    The structural framework of this ten story,121,00 s.f.

    hotel which includes 108 guestrooms is reinforced

    concrete and post-tension floors that sit on a

    drilled shaft pile foundation.


  • Suncoast Health Center

    Suncoast Health Center

    Provided structural engineering plans and specifications
    for 16,000-square-foot building.


  • Cheetah Roller Coaster

    Cheetah Roller Coaster

    Provided structural engineering support of
    the coaster’s more than 300 foundations.



Welcome to Burby Engineering

Burby Engineering, Inc. is a full-service structural engineering firm that provides services throughout Florida, nationwide, and internationally for a variety of clients. Our firm specializes in several key areas of structural engineering, including forensic engineering and investigative consulting, technical consulting, structural service, and water intrusion and building envelope.

Located in Tampa, Florida, we provide timely engineering solutions and are committed to serving our clients with technical excellence, professionalism, and creativity.

Our Services

Forensic Engineering & Investigative Consulting

At Burby Engineering, we provide forensic engineering and investigative consulting for construction defect claims and litigation. Our firm investigates design, construction, and property loss matters to evaluate claims and disputes, with damage allegations ranging from a few thousand dollars to tens of millions of dollars.



Technical Consulting

Our firm routinely provides technical consulting services related to construction defect claims, design professional claims, and product & application claims.

Structural Services

We conduct structural investigations pertaining to buildings and other structures to assess load conditions, roof and floor trusses, building code compliance, and wind pressures. We can also assist with investigation of structural failures.

Water Intrusion and Building Envelope

We have experience with investigating water intrusion related to roofing, windows, stucco-clad wall systems, and other fenestrations and exterior wall cladding systems. Our team investigates and tests to determine if the water intrusion was caused by an installation, design, or product-related issue.

Other Engineering Services

In addition to the above services, we offer other engineering services as well. Click here to learn more.

News & Updates

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11/16/21 -     Wall coatings are an essential part of the waterproofing system and the building envelope.  Various factors... Read More

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