Marine Engineering

Burby Engineering, Inc. provides structural engineering services for the design of marinas and marine structures. We provide Owner representation for all phases of the project including field assessment, analysis, permitting, construction documents, and construction inspections. Learn More

Building Restoration, Repairs, & Consulting

Structures located near coastal environments or exposed to harsh environments can suffer from deterioration; we can help to stop this cycle by evaluating the existing conditions and diagnosing the cause of the deterioration. Burby Engineering, Inc. will provide a repair specification and plans for construction bidding and permitting. We help with the selection of a contractor and provide construction oversight and inspections throughout the construction phase of the project. Learn More

Engineering for Contractors

Burby Engineering, Inc. provides structural engineering services; inspections, consulting, and general engineering support to General Contractors, Restoration Contractors, Heavy Civil Contractors, Demolition Contractors, Structural Concrete Contractors, Light Gage Steel Contractors, and a

variety of Specialty Contractors. We understand the complex and ever changing demand contractors deal with on a daily basis and Burby Engineering, Inc. is here to help with those challenges. Learn More

Engineering for Architects

We design the overall structural framework for buildings and the individual structural elements – helping architects bring a building to life. We provide sound technical engineering that ensures a cost effective structure that is safe and will stand the test of time. Our engineering support includes structural design for new construction, renovations and structural alterations of existing buildings, preservation of historic structures, and restoration of existing concrete and steel buildings. Learn More

News & Updates

05/02/19 - Due to our steady growth and meeting the needs of our clients, we have once again expanded our... Read More

11/07/18 - Burby Engineering is now license in Georgia! Besides our Florida license, we also have firm licenses in Kentucky,... Read More

09/24/18 - Burby Engineering, Inc. has the proper equipment and training to perform water penetration resistance, air leakage resistance, and... Read More

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