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Inspect, Maintain, and Repair Your Building Envelope

You should properly inspect, maintain, and repair damage to your entire building envelope on a regular basis.  In addition to increased exposure to significant and costly issues, the failure to perform these necessary inspections, maintenance, and repairs to your building can also void time limited warranties.

Your building’s envelope system consists of several components, all of which were designed to protect from damage, especially damage as a result of water intrusion & weather-related events.  In order for these systems to protect your buildings, the components must be in proper working condition, which is why it is critical to implement an inspection, maintenance, and repair program.  It is advised to hire a professional to design a comprehensive plan to perform the necessary inspection, maintenance, and repair processes.

Plan to conduct a thorough inspection of the entire building envelope to identify signs of deterioration or failure at least twice a year.  Repairing minor problems before they escalate into major ones will help prevent additional damage to your building and extend the lifespan of various building components.  With these routine inspections, you can also identify materials that are approaching the end of their service lives so that replacements can be scheduled and budgeted in advance.  Without these inspections, significant damage, like water intrusion, can manifest long before you realize that there is a problem.

During these inspections, remember to take a look at the following systems:

  • Stucco Exterior
  • Windows & Doors
  • Paint & Sealants
  • Roofs
  • Eaves
  • Troughs

Ensure these inspections, maintenance, and repairs are done in a timely manner.  By rectifying problems early on, you can help prevent more serious damage from being done to your building.


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